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LLC “L-Reagent” is a Russian scientific production company, which was established in 2001. Its main activity category is carrying out research and production activity, as well as rendering service in the field of development of oil, gas and gas condensate deposits.

The employees and founders of LLC “L-Reagent” are the authors of six patents in the field of oil production.

Today LLC “L-Reagent” is a dynamic up-to-date company that keeps abreast of times and meets the needs of current and potential customers.

Along with the currently manufactured products, the company has been developing new modified inhibitors of complications in mining holes and methods of their dosing.
The company’s production
Our products are submersible borehole container “Tril®” with inhibitors of complications in oil mining wells.

The containers “Tril®” are designed to prevent the emergence of salting inhibitors, asphalt, resin, paraffin deposits, emulsions and corrosion on the equipment during the mine development process.
The advantages of using “Tril®” containers
The containers are suitable for all the methods of oil extraction (by the means of electric submersible pimp or sucker rod pumping) and for wells of all parameters. They can be used for protection of electric submersible pumps when putting the wells on production after drilling or hydraulic fracturing, as well as for the protection of onshore pipelines and packer layout.
The containers do not require additional maintenance during the extraction process, which is especially important in hard-to-reach places during winter.
Reduction of current workover rigs, solvent flooding, heat and other treatments, oil loss. Increase of overhaul time by 2-3 times on average.
 It is a rather cheap way to deal with complications.
The ability to control the inhibitor’s removal.
The installation process is the same as that of the oil well tubing. The containers are adjusted 5-10 minutes before the decent into the well.
Sections of 1.5-1.8 m in size are easily transported, transferred by hand and do not require any lifting devices.
Use of equipment with replaceable filling.
The ability to create the number of sections and their content to suit existing needs, which will allow you to solve several problems with one container.
Our customers
The “Tril®” containers are used in subdivisions of many major oil companies.
The company's products are certified and protected by patents
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